Highway Department tackling potholes

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In the warmer months, village crews use a milling machine to chew up roadways in poor condition and then repave it. “If it’s an isolated area then we’ll leave it alone,” Leahy said, “but if it’s a busted up street or section, we’ll mill it up.

According to Village Treasurer Michael Fox, $85,000 was budgeted in the 2013-14 fiscal year for road construction material, and as of last week nearly $63,000 has been used.

Town of Hempstead Councilman Jim Darcy (R-Valley Stream) said the town has doubled the amount of trucks on the road filling potholes, but more keep cropping up each day. Darcy asked residents and business owners to report potholes to the Highway Department at (516) 812-3471. If the road is a county, village or state road, Darcy staid the town would direct the concern to the right agency.

To report potholes, call:
Village – (516) 825-8201 ext. 5146
Town of Hempstead – (516) 812-3471
Nassau County – (516) 571-6900
New York State Department of Transportation – (516) 378-3552; (800) POTHOLE

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