Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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The commander refused to sit and shut up and asked for a polling of the board. Bresnihan then refused to allow the other board members to comment, and stated that the vote to deny the veterans this tax relief was unanimous. None of the other school board members ever said one word to the veterans. The veterans then got up and walked out, en masse.

Bresnihan stated during the meeting that she didn’t want the veteran’s discount to be borne by the other residents — the same residents who’ve been safe in their homes and protected because these veterans fought in foxholes, jungles, and on deserts of foreign countries.

The school board should go to Lynbrook’s Doughboy monument to look at the many veterans from Lynbrook who gave their lives for these residents and our country.

Steve Grogan

Let Father Bill stay

To the Editor: I am writing on behalf of my fellow parishioners at Our Lady of Peace Roman Catholic Church in Lynbrook, as well as an employee of Catholic Charities.

I have been a social worker with Catholic Charities for 31 years, currently working at the Freeport Mental Health Clinic. My profession has afforded me the opportunity to work with the mentally ill and the most vulnerable. During my many years of working with this population, I have experienced firsthand just how important one’s community is in leading a healthy family life. God, family and community are all necessary for recovery, as well as stabilization for each of us.

We at Our Lady of Peace were vulnerable, saddened and fearful when our Father Larry Penzes was murdered, along with one of our long time parishioners, Eileen Tosner. Father Bill came into our lives to assist us in our stabilization and recovery from these horrific deaths, and he continues to be our rock at Our Lady of Peace. He tends to his parishioners as a community as well as individuals. His caring and supportive personality continues to keep this parish motivated to love and serve God.

Father Bill has the ability to connect with each of us when needed. This I know personally, having experienced his strength in helping me put my trust in God after the horrific and sudden death of a loved one.

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