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Sewage plant is not releasing partially-treated sewage

To the Editor:
This letter is in response to that of East Rockaway resident Peter Dixon’s letter titled “Bay Water Questionable" in last week's Herald.
While Superstorm Sandy did in fact cause the Bay Park Plant to cease operation, causing a breach in a nearby community, the statement that “there are still millions of gallons of partially treated sewage being pumped into Reynolds Channel in Island Park” is completely and utterly false. The Bay Park Plant has been meeting all NYS DEC permits since December and has continued to improve its operation every day since the storm.
Since taking office, County Executive Ed Mangano’s administration has worked to reverse years of total neglect from the prior administration at both Bay Park and Cedar Creek sewage plants. Before Sandy arrived, Bay Park had marked more than one year without any DEC violations, something never seen between 2002 and 2009. After investing more than $70 million in operations and implementing structural reforms the Bay Park plant was on the road to recovery.
Since Sandy, Mangano, Legislator Howard Kopel and Town Councilman Anthony J. Santino have continued to fight for the funding necessary to repair the plant and ensure the safety of the environment of the community. Mangano also implemented two programs to help residents clean their homes after the sewage spill. These programs have helped hundreds return home and continue to pick up the pieces after the devastation of Sandy.
There is much work to be done, and Mangano will not stop until the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant is repaired. But there is nothing to gain by claiming or printing falsehoods. The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant is not releasing partially treated sewage into the local waters.

Shila Shah-Gavnoudias
Commissioner, Nassau County Department of Public Works

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