Letters to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway

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As a concerned resident of Lynbrook Village for the past seven years, I am writing to express my thoughts about the “feather factory.”

The idea of having a hotel built at this location to bring money into the Lynbrook community will not work. Lynbrook offers limited dining and entertainment for visitors. However, several towns over there is an abundance of stimulation for visitors, and so that community would benefit the most from a hotel. I believe that having a hotel placed in Lynbrook would negatively impact the community.  

So, fellow Lynbrook neighbors, reach out to Mayor William Hendrick — write him a letter, send him an email, or just offer suggestions or better options for that location.

Here’s one idea: use the building as a self-storage center. There are several community-style living quarters within a short distance from this location, and it would be beneficial for those residents to have local storage units.

D. Ferrara

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