Mamaluke a new ‘mob-centric’ TV show

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Marci called the show “witty” and said that it’s better than a lot of other shows on TV right now. She added that there is no violence in the show and it’s one that a family could sit down and watch together.

“I would love to finally have to see his dream come true,” she said. “He definitely deserves it, that’s for sure.”

Fiore retired from the New York Police Department in 2003 after 20 years and has worked at Memorial Junior High School as a supervisory aide ever since. He has written several short and feature length scripts including “On a Dark Street” and “The Third Round,” which is about an ex-heavyweight boxer who knocked-out street brawling legend and ex-con, Bobby Halpern, at Madison Square Garden in 1978. Two literary agents are looking at the script at this time.

Mamaluke’s second episode is now in post-production and will be available online in early May. To find out more about the series and to watch episodes, check out

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