North grads ready for the next step

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Matt Lueckheide
College: Skidmore College
Plans to study: Chemistry and physics
Elementary school: Willow Road
Best high school memory: Being a part of the Drama Club. I did audiovisual for all 12 shows they did here and I met a lot of really great people. I fell in love with theater and as my last production we did “Shakespeare in the Courtyard” and I actually acted in that for the first time. 
Activities: Audiovisual Club, academic honor societies, Jazz Band, 7-10 Downbeats
What will you miss most about North?: My friends and my teachers. You become so acclimated to this place and to leave after six years it’s exciting but it’s saddening at the same time.
Plans for summer: I’ll be teaching tennis to little kids at Hendrickson Park.

Gabriella Trinchetta
College: St. John’s University
Plans to study: Hospitality management
Elementary school: Wheeler Avenue
Best high school memory: Band was a big part of my high school experience. I play tenor saxophone.
Activities: Jazz Band, academic honor societies
What will you miss most about North?: I’ve formed a lot of close bonds with my classmates and I’m definitely going to miss seeing everyone everyday.
Plans for summer: I’m playing in the Valley Stream Community Band and I also work at the Valley Stream library.

Alex Kavourias
College: Northeastern University
Plans to study:Engineering
Elementary school: Willow Road
Best high school memory: I’ve enjoyed a lot of the people I’ve met and also Student Peer Organization where we meet all the seventh graders and help them out during the year.
Activities: Student Peer Organization, track
What will you miss most about North?: Competition Week or Spirit Week because that was when we would come together as a grade every year.
Plans for summer: I plan on working and resting up for college.

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