Residents get dirty, stream gets cleaned

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Both Sabatino and Spaventa said that a lot of litter collects in the stream by accident — bottles and cans from residents’ recycling bins often blow away due to heavy winds. Also, Spaventa said, he often sees people littering by the stream while they’re walking or driving by.

During the cleanup though, everyone was glad to help, Sabatino said. “Everyone had a good feeling about seeing community members come out and pitch in their time to help keep our community clean and help keep our streams clean,” he said.

Prior to the event, Sabatino called Town of Hempstead Sanitation District 6 to schedule a trash pickup the following day near the stream.

Sabatino is currently planning another cleanup for May at a different waterway in Valley Stream. Envision is also hosting an event on April 28 where volunteers can help paint the Long Island Rail Road wall along Sunrise Highway.

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