Valley Stream schools to give tax break for veterans

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A contingent of veterans attended each of the meetings last week to show their support for the exemption, including Pete Zullo, of Malverne American Legion Post 44, who addressed the District 13 board. Zullo said that many veterans are on fixed incomes, so any help the board could give them would be appreciated. “I think it’s been a long time coming,” he said of the exemption.

“We do appreciate what you’ve done for our country here,” District 13 Board President Sean Douglas said. “We appreciate all the good things that you do to stand up for our country and our safety and our security.”

“It’s the least we can do for our veterans,” said District 30 Board Vice President Cristobal Stewart.

Bill Stris, a trustee in District 13, voted in favor of the exemption, but said he did not like the fact that school taxes for others will increase as a result. “Our state officials could have used an income tax credit, which has a far broader base,” Stris said, “rather than the limited property tax base in each individual school district.”

Gold Star Parent Exemption

Districts 13 and 30 also passed the Gold Star Parent Exemption, which gives a tax exemption to homeowners whose son or daughter was killed while serving in the military. There is currently one Gold Star family within the three districts, in District 30.

The District 30 school board passed the default exemption of $20,000, and District 13 OK’d half of that amount. District 24 did not vote on the issue.

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