Stores coming back to life

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The village’s superintendent of buildings, Tom McAleer, said that six businesses on the block have or will be replacing their storefronts. Each of those six stores is upgrading its electrical system, had its roof fixed and had a new plumbing system installed.

McAleer said that as each business is set to reopen, the village’s chief fire inspector, Frank Roca, and chief building inspector, Tom Viani, look the construction work over. McAleer added that there have been no setbacks from an inspection standpoint as yet.

“We’ve been working hand-in-hand with them to make the process go smoothly for them in this tough time,” he said. “It looks good, and hopefully the rest of the stores open soon.”

DeVivo said he hopes to move back to a permanent location sometime in June or July. He asked his landlord to fix the other stores first because they don’t have another location like he does.

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