Winter Storm Nemo

Valley Stream gets hit, but misses brunt of storm


While many residents across Long Island were spending their Saturday mornings digging out two feet of snow or more, Valley Streamers had to clean up a more modest 8 to 10 inches.

Valley Stream and other South Shore communities weren't hit as bad as areas to the north and east, though there were some snow drifts of at least a foot through the village. The lesser snow accumulation in Valley Stream is because precipitation stayed as rain late into Friday afternoon before finally turning over to snow.

After much of the shoveling and cleaning of cars was done, many families took the opportunity to enjoy the snow, building snowmen, sledding or just taking in the freshly-blanketed scenery.

The Village Highway Department has remained out in full force since Friday afternoon. As of Saturday afternoon, plows had been down every street, and crews began concentrating their efforts on dead-end blocks and municipal parking lots.

"The main roads this morning were plowed and passable," said David Sabatino, president of Envision Valley Stream. "The streets around the train station and downtown were in great shape."

"We were well prepared," Mayor Ed Fare said. "Our workers got aout there ahead of the storm and they stayed ahead of it overnight. Our guys did a great job."

The village is responsible for clearing about 90 miles of roads. Nassau County takes care of many of the main roads, and the state plows Sunrise Highway.

The Long Island Power Authority reported no power outages in Valley Stream.

A handful of activities were canceled because of the snow including District 13's Saturday enrichment program.