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Valley Stream's school budgets pass

Board incumbents re-elected, Pomerantz, Maier grab open seats


Voters on Tuesday passed all four of Valley Stream’s school budgets — with at least 60 percent in favor in every district — and returned all incumbents to their Board of Education seats.

The Central High School District’s $106.2 million budget, which led to sometimes contentious discussions between school officials and community members over planned cuts, was easily approved. The margin of victory, 735 votes, was good news for Superintendent Dr. Bill Heidenreich. “I’m very satisfied that the community supported our budget,” he said. “It’s a good feeling.”

District 13’s budget, which came in at $44.6 million, passed by a comfortable margin, with nearly twice as many “yes” votes as “no” votes.

“We are very pleased with the results,” said Superintendent Dr. Adrienne Robb-Fund. “The results indicate the community’s commitment to providing children with a quality education.”

The margin of victory was much slimmer for incumbent Board of Education Trustee Joseph DiSibio, who beat challenger Patrick Heaney by only 23 votes. Heaney actually won at three of the four polling places but DiSibio’s comfortable lead at his home school, Willow Road, put him over the top.

For the second seat, retiring teacher Toni Pomerantz defeated PTA leader Patty Farrell by more than 100 votes.

“I hope I am able to do the job half as well as my predecessor, Joan Gartner,” Pomerantz said, referring to the board member who did not seek re-election this year, creating an open seat.

In District 24, the proposed $28.7 million spending plan passed with 70 percent of voters in favor.

“We’re appreciative that our community came out to support the high quality of education that is offered in District 24,” said Superintendent Dr. Edward Fale.

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