Work on Thanksgiving? No way on this day.

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For me, Thanksgiving is always a working holiday. My house is full, with kids and grandkids sleeping over for the week. My Thursday morning actually starts the day before, let’s call it Wild Wednesday, with last-minute food shopping, preparation of the turkey, cutting of the vegetables, creating the side dishes, assembling the cakes and pies, setting the table and getting out the good dishes.

On the day itself, I get up early, put the turkey in the oven and begin all the work that will end when I finally sit down and put my feet up about 9 p.m. It really is an extraordinary effort, but the rewards are great in all the incalculable ways. We beam our smiles around the table and offer toasts and count our blessings and cherish the moment, which we know is fleeting and fragile.

The very idea of someone jumping up from the table to grab a Black Friday bargain offends me. For one day, can’t we set aside commerce and embrace the better angels of our nature?

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