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Lights, camera and action at Wantagh schools


Wantagh fifth-graders at Forest Lake, Mandalay and Wantagh elementary schools have been crafting their own weather reports using a green screen and iPad. The reports, filled with coverage on blizzards, deluges and hurricanes, may not be entirely accurate, but students are recording and watching these reports on DoInk — an educational technology application, which provides powerful tools for students to create advanced animations.

STEAM — Science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics — teacher Kaitlin Humphrey explained that prior to filming, students were instructed to research their weather patterns and build a weather tool. Using Google Drive software, teams of students were permitted to share in the writing of a script. Each team then filmed their weather using an iPad and green screen. The DoInk program provided opportunities for students to change backgrounds and to virtually report from a news studio.