Man steals bottles of tequila from Valley Stream liquor store


A man stole three bottles of tequila from Wine and Liquors, at 196 Rockaway Ave. on Monday, according to Nassau County police and the shop’s owner.

Tushar Delhiwala, the owner, said that he walked into the store to open it for the day and a man in his twenties followed him in.

“I told him, ‘I’m not ready yet, please go,’” Delhiwala said. “He said ‘no.’”

The man then grabbed three bottles of Patron tequila, Delhiwala said, and was waiting for him to move behind the counter so that he could run away. Instead, Delhiwala said he tried to block the door, but when he moved the man ran outside.

“I already fell,” Delhiwala said. “I tripped by the door.”

Delhiwala said the man got into a Mercedes SUV with Florida license plates driven by someone else that appeared to be waiting for him near the Baha’i Center of Nassau County on Jamaica Avenue.

Nassau County Police Department Public Information Officer William Allen estimated that the man escaped with a few hundred dollars worth of alcohol, and classified it as petit larceny.