Valley Streamer to run NYC marathon


Albert Redmond, of Valley Stream, joined United Way of Long Island’s team for the New York City Marathon to raise money for veterans organizations on Nov. 5.

Redmond raced the past two marathons independently, but said he saw the comradery that team members had. “That motivated me to join a team and enhance the experience even more,” he said.

He joined Team Mission United, he said, because both his grandfathers were involved in the war effort. One, William Redmond, worked for Allison Transmission and the Navy to check the quality of turbine engines installed in fighter planes. The other grandfather, Albert Morucci, served in the infantry as a forward scout, which led him to the beaches of Normandy. Morucci was shot and received a Purple Heart for his efforts.

“Hearing his stories hit home for me,” Redmond said of his grandfather. “I just wish that he had been able to express himself and have someone to talk to and help him get acclimated to civilian life, he continued, adding that those experiences influenced his commitment to help


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