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The summer months pose the greatest difficulty for the Blood Center as they historically see a drop in donations. I urge all residents to continue to help those in need by donating blood. Every donation goes a long way to help save the lives of those in medical emergencies.

To donate blood or for information on how to organize a blood drive, please call toll free 1 (800) 933-2566 or visit www.nybloodcenter.org.

I thank all of you in advance for your generous donations as we continue to help make our community stronger and more prepared for any sort of emergency, both small and large.

Francis X. Becker
Nassau County Legislator, District 6


On wasteful overspending

To the Editor:

In Scott Brinton’s column “Saving Mr. Banks’ –– and ourselves” (June 5-11), the words that stand out for me are “consumption, gluttony even” and “wasteful overspending.” Brinton stated that wasteful overspending “is one of the biggest problems that ails our country.” I agree.

I see overspending in humongous, gas-guzzling SUVs, which are on the road in the face of high gas prices and carbon pollution. I see it in double- and over-bagging in supermarkets. I see it in faucets left running full force (even unattended), lights left on unnecessarily, water served unsolicited in restaurants and air-conditioners turned on way too high. And so on and so on.

NPR recently reported that a woman in China deemed the United States to be the Saudi Arabia of garbage and somehow made a business out of it, becoming one of the richest people in China. We overspend and we waste. Brinton’s column makes such an important point. I am sure there is so much more that could be written.

Diana Ihmann
Valley Stream

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