Peter King for president. No kidding.


Given that I’m a registered Democrat, it takes a lot of nerve for me to tell a politician in the Republican Party what he or she should do. But, having the luxury of this column, I’m free to express my thoughts on any subject. That’s why I’m urging U.S. Rep. Peter King to run for president.

Last year, the congressman made a few exploratory trips to New Hampshire to test the waters. The political world didn’t pay much attention to those weekend jaunts, as there wasn’t much attention being paid to any possible candidate for the White House. But now we’re a year closer to the time when people start thinking seriously about who they want to run the country.

I have no ulterior motive in urging King to run for higher office. I’m not interested in his current job, nor do I have a serious candidate to replace him. With each passing day, America is getting a glimpse of the men who would like to occupy the White House, and most of them are more frightening than a mugger on a dark street. The thought that Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Rick Perry and Ted Cruz want to be the commander in chief sends a collective chill down the spines of many rational American citizens.

Let’s start with Rubio. He wants to be president so badly that in the space of one year, he threw 11 million undocumented people under the bus. At the beginning of his Senate career, he made a carefully worded speech describing his immigrant family and extolling the virtues of people who want to live the American dream. Once he heard some sour notes from the Tea Party fanatics, however, he quickly reversed himself. Let’s not forget that Rubio also opposed aid for this region after Hurricane Sandy.

Senator Paul is determined to follow the career of his father, Ron. He takes a contrarian position on every issue imaginable. He makes outrageous statements on any number of subjects, which makes him a loose cannon. As a libertarian, he gets support on college campuses, but he is far from ready to be a world leader.

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