Creativity in motion with Michael Moschen

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“I am following my passion,” he said. “I make something new out of what hasn’t existed before based on study and research. A lot of what I do is based on Buckminster Fuller and geodesics. I’m not interested in rehashing old concepts and someone else’s ideas. I want to share new ideas about the world.”
In doing so, Moschen reaches out to his audience to involve them in his act. “I’ll get the audience to join in with simple skills en masse,” he said. “I want to involve everyone in my sense of wonder about the world. I take imagination and skill and put it all together in an unusual way that is full of curiosity and wonderment. It’s a different way of looking at things that I want to bring to everyone.”
Above all, Moschen intends for everyone to have fun. “This is a family show,” he said. “It’s educational but it’s something everyone will enjoy.”

Michael Moschen
Thursday, Jan. 24, 1 and 7 p.m.
$25, $15 children.
Madison Theatre at Molloy College, Hempstead Ave., Rockville Centre.
(516) 678-5000 ext. 7715 or

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