In the new year, we resolve . . .

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“Resolve to develop an attitude of gratitude. Think of three things you’re grateful for every night before you go to bed, and three things you’re grateful for when you wake up. Make that into a habit, and your life will change; you’ll become a happier person.”
—Roy Lester, trustee, Long Beach Board of Education

“Let’s resolve to take better care of the Earth.”
— Jeannine Maloney, owner, the Bold Chocolatier, Valley Stream

“I’d like to see a better sense of community among the residents of West Hempstead so they come together more frequently.”
— Rosalie Norton, president, West Hempstead Community Support Association

“My resolution is to be healthy, wealthy and wise! Starting with the healthy part, what you put into your body is what you get out of your body, so pay better attention to what you put into it, along with working out regularly. I’m concentrating on being a healthier me this coming year.”
— Mike Hawksby, co-owner, ROK Health & Fitness, East Rockaway

“I wish people would resolve to remember those less fortunate and donate more to food drives and local food pantries.”
— Bob Transom, vice president, Oceanside Board of Education and president, Oceanside Community Service

“Resolve to be true to yourself, to respect others for who they are, and to remember that family comes first.”
— Ron Luparello, volunteer firefighter, Merrick

“I hope that the community of Island Park can continue to progress, especially after Hurricane Sandy. We should all work harder to respect our neighbors, perhaps, but not always, agreeing with them, but nonetheless accepting their opinions.”
— Anthony D’Esposito, chief, Island Park Fire Department

“People should resolve to do more recycling. It’s less costly in taxes for them and better for the planet. Everyone benefits.”
— Edward Oppenheimer, trustee, Village of Rockville Centre

“Resolve to ask someone an open-ended question once a week or once a month and actually listen to their answer. You might learn something about someone that could change your life, and at the very least, you could learn to be a better listener.”
— The Rev. Mark Lukens, Bethany Congregational Church, East Rockaway

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