Letters to the Editor: East Rockaway, Lynbrook

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  Santino’s office spent days working on an issue I had with my insurance company, and, with the help of Assemblyman Brian Curran’s staff, we were able to fix the problem, allowing me to return home months earlier than I ever expected.
  I pray that some of our so-called leaders in Albany and Washington dry up and blow away, but our local representatives are all heroes and deserve tremendous gratitude.
Richard Gogarty
East Rockaway

Says Daniels lied

To the Editor:
Sorting out truth in politics can often be difficult. But when someone deliberately lies they must be called out on it.
Many neighbors received a mailer from a Lisa Daniels, who is running against Legislator Howard Kopel. The disgusting flier claimed Kopel was away on vacation during Hurricane Sandy enjoying sun and surf while our communities suffered.
My mother always told me I’d get in trouble if I told a whopper of a lie. Apparently, Daniels’ parents never taught her that lesson. Here’s the truth: Kopel was in Florida on business when Sandy hit.
He took the first available plane home and immediately went to work to help our community recover. He was with me every step of the way in our response to the storm. We rode the backs of sanitation trucks, picking up debris and garbage in Bay Park, Oceanside and the Five Towns. We met with neighbors one on one and in groups, and brought housing assistance, Project Hope and other non-profits into these communities to help. We worked with our first responders and distributed emergency supplies. We held Town Hall meetings with FEMA officials and rallied against LIPA. We even got the Police Department to provide increased patrols to keep our community, homes and families safe — and if you don’t believe me, you can ask Five Towns Community Chest or Yeshiva South Shore, who each honored both me and Legislator Kopel with their public service awards for our response to the superstorm.
A lie is a lie is a lie. There’s no two ways around that. Lisa Daniels needs to learn this lesson we teach first-graders, and she must apologize for slandering a great public official and a partner in government.
Anthony J. Santino
Councilman, Town of Hempstead

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