More in store for Jones Beach

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Future plans include more concessions spread throughout the Central Mall at Field 4, and upgrades to existing concessions and restaurants to include more options from a greater variety of vendors. Another plan that is currently being conceptualized is the transformation of the West Bathhouse into a catering hall that would be available for luncheons, parties and other events.

Jones Beach is known for its relaxing atmosphere and boardwalk, but also for various sports fields and courts, playgrounds, and the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater. There are plans to expand on these and to create even more attractions. “It’s nice to do something on a beach other than just lounge,” Imke Lehmann, 18, who was visiting from German, said of the park’s amenities.

The park’s Pitch and Putt will not reopen, and instead will be replaced with an adventure park. Leggio said that a golf course on a beach proved to be hard to keep up due to saltwater’s effect on grass. The new adventure park will feature attractions such as a climbing wall, a zipline and a picnic area.

“I think that would be a really cool attraction for the younger crowd,” said Dan Lepere, 18, who was visiting the beach from Brewster, N.Y. “You usually see a lot of college kids and adults on the beach. An adventure park would definitely attract more kids and families.”

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