Ringling Bros. and Barnum Bailey Circus is the stuff of ‘Legends’

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And that is why Iverson, who graduated from the University of Hartford’s Hartt School in 1998 with a degree in voice performance, intending to pursue a career in opera, continues to preside at the helm of this celebrated 144-year-old spectacle.
“At 22-years-old when I first joined Ringling Bros., I thought it sounded cool and I would do it for six months or a year, and here I am 15 years later,” he says. “Ringling Bros. is truly the greatest show on earth. It amazes me how every year the producers and the creative team come together to create one innovative circus spectacular after another.”
Mythology meets reality in this production as Iverson relates Paulo’s encounters with the wondrous Pegasus and the amazing Unicorn, along with acclaimed circus legends — such as big cat presenter Alexander Lacey, the Riders of the Wind Cossack horsemen, and those motorcycle daredevils, the Torres Family.
“A legend is something so magical and larger than life that once you see it, you never forget it. The talent in this show is unprecedented and embodies the name Legends,” says Alana Feld. “My sister and I were speechless when we saw these acts the first time.”
The largest display of exotic hair-hanging artists ever seen in Ringling Bros. history, according to the Feld sisters, along with a 20-acrobat troupe perched atop only a pair of bicycles and a never-before-seen double-wide, high-flying trapeze act are among the highlights this year.
“This is a show that truly celebrates the human imagination,” says Iverson. “We are doing what we always do, and that is present acts that are the best of the best.”
That description fits The Solar Hawks, an elite super-group of high-flying trapeze artists from the U.S., Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico, who perform one of the most fearsome flying trapeze acts ever seen, according to Iverson. “They are attempting the world’s only successive triple somersault,” he says. “They will astonish you with their precision, stamina, strength, and form while attempting four consecutive triple somersaults with only seconds between each.”
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