Letter to the Editor: Lynbrook, East Rockaway (June 22 — 28)


Dishonoring our town’s unique history

To the Editor:

Shame on Mayor Bruno Romano (“Marina Pointe condos begin selling in East Rockaway and Oceanside,” June 15 — 21) for stating that the condos are “…replacing a dilapidated old boatyard.” The Davison family and the Davison Boat Yard are irrevocably woven into the history of East Rockaway.

The history on that plot of land that now houses “condos” should be preserved and revered, not disparaged by the sitting mayor. It is precisely this disregard for our unique history and willingness to fling it into the wind that has left this town floundering and searching for survival. A vision for the future of a town must be built on a respect and reverence for the history of the place — and the Davison family is an integral part of that.

If the condos sell, there will be tax income for the village, but it saddens me that it must be done without any nod to the distinguished family on whose land they are built.

Pamela Castellano

Bay Park