Stepping Out

Host an award-winning Oscar viewing party

Roll out the red carpet


Aah, the glamour: the red carpet, the stars, the magic of the big screen! For movie buffs, nothing beats Oscar night. It’s always fun to see those golden statuettes bestowed upon those glammed-up nominees. So bring some ‘tinseltown’ glitz and revelry into your home with a picture-perfect Oscar party.
The awards show, which arrives on Sunday, Feb. 24, is a great time to gather up your pals for an evening of star gazing and merriment. It’s always an occasion for fun – whether you are chatting about the merits of the nominees or assessing fashion choices and mishaps and those often long-winded acceptance speeches.
The films up for best picture this year include modern-day political thrillers, a Western, a foreign-language love story, a historical drama, a grand musical, and the much talked-about dramedy that focuses on how life doesn’t always go according to plan. It’s a diverse group that leaves room to speculate on as to which films will win and offers endless possibilities for a movie-themed menu for your at-home film fete.
Consider these tips to make your awards night party the best one yet.
* Silver screen seating: Make sure you have ample – and comfortable – seating available. Bring in extra comfy chairs and even floor pillows to keep everyone comfortable.
* Do up the décor: Glam it up or kitsch it up –with glitter, tinsel, stars, movie posters, etc. – to set the stage for a night honoring movies.
* Pick the winners: Print ballots and have guests make their predictions before the awards start being handed out. The one with the most correct guesses wins a prize.
* Trivia time: Test everyone’s film knowledge with movie trivia questions during commercial breaks. Have a prize for the one who has the most correct answers at the end of the night.
* Feed your fans: Be “the hostess with the mostest” and have plenty of snack and munchies. Movie lovers will be expecting popcorn, so keep them satisfied with a variety of flavors. Try a “popcorn bar” with different toppings to let guests customize their kernels. Topping ideas can include chocolate candies, a variety of cheese, and nuts.

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