Let the sun shine in

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We urge the town to do so as soon as possible to demonstrate its commitment to open government. Town officials must realize that they must participate in this vital state program.

It is urgent, in this day of information moving across the Web at the speed of light, that the sun shine on federal, state, county, town, village and school district government operations and decisions. This is not something we should push only during Sunshine Week. Rather, it should be a constant effort. Those who have the power to decide on public matters are sometimes defensive about their decisions and may seek to control information to limit informed debate.

That must not be allowed to happen, and the governor’s new website will go a long way toward ensuring that information is available to everyone. Town of Hempstead officials must not drag their heels on this issue. It is just too important.

We need to see our local leaders declare their dedication to open government at every level. We need to see the information that is vital to the great debates of our day, from health care and national defense to school budgets, made public so that those debates can be informed.

We need that commitment to begin now, with the inclusion of that information on open.ny.gov.

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