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State declares gun violence a public health crisis

Following a bloody Fourth of July weekend in which police reported 26 victims in 21 shootings across the state, including in Roosevelt where one man was killed and two people were hospitalized, Gov. …


Scout rallies students for front-line workers

Baldwin High School senior Daniella McCoy, 17, is finishing her Gold Award in the Girl Scouts as she displays some of the handcrafted gifts from Plaza Elementary school students addressed to …


Baldwinites return to work, but slowly

Economic recovery in Baldwin is moving along, but business is still not back to pre-Covid levels. Similar to the rest of the country, the coronavirus pandemic caused a major setback in …


Cuomo: ‘The emergency is over’

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced in a coronavirus briefing last Thursday that he would not renew the state of emergency first declared on March 7 last year. Federal Centers for Disease and Control …


Covid drives Baldwin housing prices up

With suburban houses heavily in demand in the greater metropolitan area because many renters are fleeing New York City amid the coronavirus pandemic, housing prices across Long Island have been …


We’re in the thick of summer — safety first!

Summer should be a time of joy, spent hanging out at the beach and barbecuing in the backyard. Too often, however, summer turns tragic when it needn’t.


Affordable homeownership for all must be a priority

June was National Homeownership Month. For many, homeownership is a part of the American dream that is proving to be increasingly difficult to attain. Long Island home prices . . .

Randi Kreiss

Searching the heavens for common ground

I just booked a reservation to see the next full solar eclipse. Call me an optimist; I expect to be there.

Scott Brinton

A writer enlightens us on ‘antiracism’

Until recently, I had never thought deeply how radical my parents were when I was a child. I’m not sure they realized it at the time.