Baldwin School Budget passes with Pamela Green voted in. The spending plan focuses on the future

The Baldwin school budget passed on Tuesday evening with 1042 yes votes and 365 no votes. Propositions 2 through  6 were also passed with over 70% yes votes for each prop. Along with the budget and propositions passing, Pamela Green was elected to replace Karyn Reid as a trustee on the Board of Education this upcoming July. Baldwin Library Trustee Shereen Abed was also re-elected.

Pamela Green running for Baldwin Board of Education

Along with a budget vote on May 16, there will be a vote for a new trustee for the Baldwin Board of Education.

Two apartment developments approved for Baldwin. Complexes, OK’d by town, will be first new buildings in Grand Avenue Urban Renewal Area

The Town of Hempstead Industrial Development Agency has approved two apartment projects in Baldwin, which officials said could act as a catalyst for future redevelopment in the community.

Baldwin residents join forces to publish book. ‘Educating with Passion and Purpose’ published just in time for teacher appreciation week

One Baldwin resident is celebrating teacher’s appreciation week by promoting her newly published book about teacher burnout.

Tree planted to honor Joseph Scannell. Elected officials and community members from across the county attend ceremony

Elected officials and community members gathered to celebrate the life of the late legislator Joseph Scannell.


A principal’s buyout is worth discussing

The Sewanhaka Central High School District has proposed a budget of nearly $245 million for the 2023-24 academic year, funding a number of projects beginning this fall . . .


Those horrific videos, and what they show

“I couldn’t bear the thought of people being horrified by the sight of my son,” Mamie Bradley, the mother of 14-year-old Emmett Till, a Black kid from Chicago who was tortured and murdered in 1955, told the press at the time.

Jerry Kremer

Biden’s decision was an easy one

To no one’s surprise, President Biden has announced that he will seek a second term. That announcement has stirred up oceans of talk about his ability to serve another four years . . .


Seeking leadership, and equity, for a better tomorrow

I grew up as a Reagan Republican, and I have some opinions on our current political paradigm. Reagan, whose flaws are perseverated over in our time, had some great traits that are applicable to our current environment.

Jerry Kremer

New York is going to pot, very slowly

When it comes to New York state's Marihuana Regulation and Taxation Act, you can toss a coin as to whether it is a hiccup or a major bureaucratic headache.