BREAKING NEWS: Car accident on Eastern Blvd and Atlantic Ave.

Guest Writer

Sunny trails with entrepreneur Sunny Berlin

As a 33-year-old entrepreneurial woman who has been in business since 2018 I can honestly say how liberating it feels to be able to not only own your own business but to do something for a career …

Auschwitz camp survivor Reich dies, 94

“I think people were expecting this guy who came out of the Holocaust to be mad at the world all the time,” David Reich, Werner Reich’s son, said. “But he was actually the exact opposite.” …

Guest Writer

Watch out! There’s something in the water

Recent rip current sightings along the beaches of Nassau County have made the waters daunting. Just last week on Wednesday evening, July 7, six swimmers were rescued from rip currents at Long Beach. …

Public Service Announcement

Mayor says “we always have to be prepared”

The thought of hiding under a desk from a nuclear attack during the Cold War may be over, but Mayor Eric Adams and the New York City Emergency Management have recently shared some important steps in …

South Shore beaches

Sharks across South Shore raise concern

Several weeks of shark sightings has made beach goers a little wary of the water, but attacks shouldn’t deter swimmers’ officials say. The first suspected bite happened on June 30, when a …

Returning to LIIFE on the big screen

A tight-knit community, of neighbors supporting neighbors means everything to independent filmmakers. That feeling was abundantly clear last week at the Bellmore Movies & Showplace with the Long Island International Film Expo.


Putting people first again at NUMC

Several years ago, the board of directors of Nassau University Medical Center approved spending nearly $8 million to build new executive offices on the 19th floor of the hospital, with unobstructed views of the Manhattan skyline.


Even Peter Benchley knew that ‘Jaws’ got it wrong

With all the media hype about sharks these days, our thoughts went to the late Peter Benchley, who wrote many books during his life, but who will be best remembered for . . .

Randi Kreiss

We are drifting so far from the founders’ ideals

The screams and cursing coming from the Oval Office on Dec. 18, 2020, were the soundtrack to an attempted coup.