Catching up on Baldwin Oaks Civic's work

Baldwin Oaks partner with elected officials to clean up North Baldwin


Although Baldwin is a town of roughly 25,000 residents, it boasts two civic associations. Baldwin Oaks Civic Association mostly addresses issues in North Baldwin. This year they engaged in several initiatives with elected officials to clean up the community and deliver improvements.

Baldwin Oaks Civic Vice-President Wayne Miles stated, “As a resident, homeowner, and community advocate in Baldwin, I am resigned to maintaining the quality of life and committed to keeping Baldwin clean, green, and beautiful.”

In June, they worked with Councilmember Dorothy Goosby to get Coes Neck Road, which becomes Woodside Avenue, repaved. For years this road was in terrible condition, causing daily issues for residents in the community who raised concern. Partnering with Sanitation District No. 2, Baldwin Oaks also installed no littering signs on Coes Neck Road and next to the shopping center.

Working with Leg. Debra Mulé, traffic grids were repaired along Grand Avenue throughout the month of July. The intersection between Irene Street and Grand Avenue is notorious for being a site for auto accidents. The legislator also helped get an abandoned telephone pole and a telephone pole that was tied to a tree removed.

Regarding partnering with elected officials, the association’s Communications Chair Yasminda Lowe wrote in a statement, “Our board members work diligently to be the liaison between neighbors and local representatives. Everyone wants their voice to be heard, and the Baldwin Oaks Civic Association aims to do so with honor.”

Along Grand Avenue near the Southern State Parkway, Baldwin Oaks partnered with Leg. Kevan Abrahams to have the crosswalk repainted, overgrown plants on the bridge cleaned up and downed cable wire removed by the end of July. They also painted the "School Zone 20 MPH" on Grand Avenue and installed new signs for the Baldwin Oaks Community.

Councilmember Goosby also assisted in getting the street lamps repainted within the Baldwin Oaks community, in August. Alongside Assemblywoman Judy Griffin and Sen. John brooks, branches that blocked school zone signs were also trimmed and a stop sign was added on Dean Drive. Currently, Baldwin Oaks are awaiting more school zone signs within the community.

Also in August, the association worked with Councilman Anthony D'Esposito to get the Town of Hempstead flower pots between Irene Street and Georgia Street repainted. 

Sen. Brooks, Sen. Kevin Thomas and Assemblymember Judy Griffin then assisted Baldwin Oaks to clean up the overgrown grass areas on the bridge on the Southern State Parkway. Next steps involve working with these officials to improve safety on the bridge.  

Community Engagement Chair Jonathan Prevost said to the Herald, “We set an ambitious goal to get ten community improvement projects completed by the end of the summer. I'm happy to say we completed seven out of the ten projects, with three currently in the works.”

If you want to reach out or become a member of the Baldwin Oaks Civic Association, you find them on Facebook and Instragram. You can also email them at

“We strive to inform our neighbors about what is happening in Baldwin, and more specifically, Baldwin Oaks,” said Baldwin Oaks Treasurer Wayne Murry. He added that the association also “encourages them [residents] to speak out on issues that impact their neighborhood.”