Homeowners seek tax exemptions


In the quiet chambers of the Baldwin Public Library, Randolph Yunker, the Nassau County Department of Assessment’s community service representative, and a team of tax experts sat with homeowners on Sept. 6, helping them file applications for property tax exemptions.

It was the department’s first tax exemption workshop of 2022, and residents applied for exemptions for veterans, senior citizens, volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers, and those with limited incomes and disabilities, free of charge.

“We wanted to reach out to homeowners in their district, so they didn’t have to come to Mineola, but can still receive help filling out their applications,” Yunker explained. “Even if people just have a question, our computers are hooked up to the data base so we can pull up their files and see where they stand.”

Many residents have taken part in workshops across the county since the department started the program in 2004, Yunker said, adding that more than 150 people have attended the session at the Baldwin library in previous years.

“It really depends on the location,” Yunker said. “Some locations we’ll have 200 people show up, and in other areas we have 10.”

This year, the department is holding nearly 30 workshops this month and next, in libraries, veterans halls and community centers. The full calendar — which includes dates, times and locations for future workshops — can be found online at NassauCountyNY.gov/1501/assessment, Yunker said, along with the 2022 Guide to Property Tax Exemptions in Nassau County, which details the exemptions as well as the School Tax Relief, or STAR, program.

The Baldwin workshop attracted a dozen residents looking for help. (Yunker said he thought the rainy weather might have kept people at home, and that many would likely go to other workshops on nicer days.) Frank Van Brunt, of Hicksville, said he found it easier to come to the workshop than to the county offices in Mineola.

“They really helped me,” Van Brunt said.

“I had some basic questions after looking for answers on the website, and they answered them.

“I don’t know if I figured out everything I need for this application, but it got me on the right foot, anyway.”

Josephine Monur, a tax exemption specialist, said the workshop was designed to help Baldwin residents, and others, fill out their town and school exemption applications. Most of the attendees, Monur said, were senior citizens and veterans.