Sue Moller, breast cancer survivor, reflects on NYC's toughest race, one week later

Sue Moller wasn’t always a runner. The 43-year-old North Merrick native, a guidance counselor at Lynbrook High School, admittedly hated running. She dreaded having to run a mile in high school, and for most of her adult life, that attitude prevailed.

Calhoun rallies for first county championship

For a while, it looked like South Side would make quick work of Calhoun in the Nassau Class A girls’ volleyball title match Nov. 9 and justify its top seeding. But the resilient Colts refused …

Bellmore-Merrick students salute their vets

Ahead of Veterans Day, students, administrators and additional volunteers adorned the lawns of Mepham High School and Merrick Avenue Middle School in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District with dozens of flags.

Alumni association looks ahead to annual events

The Sanford H. Calhoun High School Alumni Association has a couple of things it strives to do — connect Calhoun’s graduates and highlight their accomplishments, and inspire future, graduating classes to be the best they can be.

Anthony Paruolo indicted on murder charges

A North Bellmore man was indicted earlier this week on murder charges for the stabbing death of his wife at their home in October.

Taking to the sky, Mepham High graduate completes first solo flight

Alessandro Barsallo has been flying on planes for as long as he can remember.


We bumped a meteor off course, so is the danger over?

One of the most popular movies about the apocalyptic notion of a giant meteor striking Earth and destroying civilization was “Deep Impact,” a 1998 disaster film . . .

Randi Kreiss

America’s mayhem is playing on the world stage

If you know American history, or you remember it, “The whole world is watching!” is the unforgettable chant shouted by thousands of young Vietnam War protesters as they were tear-gassed and beaten with clubs . . .


Thank a crossing guard near you

They work outside in rain, sleet and snow, keeping our most precious commodity — our children — safe.

Jerry Kremer

Of course 2024 will be on this year’s ballot

Most elections are about the current candidates, who are seeking a variety of offices all over America. This one, however, will be the equivalent of two elections . . .