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After pandemic year, Cub Scouts step up


It was a long year for Cub Scout Troop 206, as the pandemic upended almost every activity that is synonymous with being a scout. Camping, get togethers, projects and outings had to be reimagined under a new reality that relegated many of their activities to virtual alternatives.

But still, the boys persevered and successfully acquired their merit badges in inventive ways. On April 24, 11 scouts from the Merrick-based troop ceremoniously crossed the bridge into being Boy Scouts.

They were welcomed into Troops 225 and 351 during the ceremony held at Garden Social in East Meadow. They individually crossed a hand-built bridge marked with the traits they’ve acquired while being scouts — trustworthiness, loyalty, kindness and more — before shaking hands with their new scout leaders.

Troop 225, led by David Walley and Roland Reitz, welcomed each scout with the group’s signature baseball cap, while Troop 351, led by Elias Mansourati and James Bowman, adorned their scouts with new


“I remember being in their shoes and seeing the older scouts involved,” said Aidan Walley, a Boy Scout in Troop 225 who will soon achieve the rank of Eagle. “They played a big part in my journey — I remember their guidance. Hopefully, all of them make it to Eagle.”