Grand Avenue, Merrick Avenue Middle Schools 'move up' in style


Middle schools in the Bellmore-Merrick Central High School District celebrated their moving up ceremonies last week, outdoors, with plenty of pomp and circumstance.

At the Grand Avenue Middle School ceremony, Principal Carlo Conte recalled a poem, “The Man in the Glass,” that was an assignment in high school. He recited the poem as encouragement for the graduating class.

“Things that were once scary or tough and standards that seemed unattainable became within my grasp as the year went on,” he noted. “When you are faced with what seems daunting and insurmountable, dig deep. The biggest regret you can ever carry is not to fight for the one thing that means the most and that is the man in the glass.”

During the Merrick Avenue Middle School ceremony, Principal Katelyn Dunn recounted on the difficult times the students had endured during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Being home in the spring of your sixth grade year gave you a greater appreciation of being present at school these last two years,” she continued. “You are the motivation that keeps us going. You continuously help us to see the good and remind us of our purpose as educators.”

— Jordan Vallone