South Side Middle locked out after social media threat


No one was reportedly injured Monday after an alleged social media threat forced a lockout at Rockville Centre's South Side Middle School. In the end, the school's administration said it was not a real threat.

"We followed security protocol, we notified the police as soon as we were notified, and we cooperated with police," Rockville Centre school district superintendent Matt Gaven told the Herald. "We followed their guidance, and the threat was deemed not credible."

The district conducted an internal investigation in coordination with police to determine the threat's credibility and initiated a lockout procedure to ensure students were safe. 

Lockouts allow school schedules to continue as normal, except all inside. Nobody was allowed in or out of the Hillside Avenue building until the lockout was lifted. 

Administrators said in a letter to parents that they intend to continue to cooperate with the police department and provide support for students in the school during the lockout.