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East Meadow students go Apple Pro


Eight East Meadow High School students are kicking off the summer with a leg-up in the music world after earning their certifications in the music recording software Apple Logic Pro X.

Students were enrolled in the high school’s Music Production course, where they learned how to master music under the instruction of Bill Kinslow, an authorized Apple trainer. They are Mehrin Ali, Lindsey Fitzgerald, Evan Haber, Zahra Lakhani, Wilmer Mejia, Domenic Pashalian, Adam Reyes and Jessica Rudolph.

At the end of their course, students took an exam in Apple Logic Pro X, a complete professional recording studio that provides musicians with everything needed to go from the first note to the final master. Exclusive to the Mac OS platform, the software application is a digital audio workstation and Musical Instrument Digital Interface sequencer. The updated version that the students studied was released in 2013. Students can now create their own music and master it using their newfound skills.

–Brian Stieglitz