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Governor Cuomo talks Phase One reopening for Long Island

Governor Cuomo came to Jones Beach State Park Sunday to offer a modicum of hope for a region battered by the coronavirus: Long Island, he said, was on track to begin Phase I reopening on Wednesday, …

Freeport band students play for veterans

While there might not be a Memorial Day parade in Freeport this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, band students from Freeport High School still wanted to pay tribute to local veterans, so they …

Town of Hempstead rolls out 'concierge service' to help residents as beaches open Saturday

Hempstead officials Friday announced a new “Coronavirus Concierge Service team,” to help keep patrons socially distanced and safe amid the pandemic while the town prepares to welcome …

What it’s like to be Tom Suozzi during the coronavirus pandemic

By his own account, U.S. Rep. Tom Suozzi is extremely busy. There’s his work in Washington, where he fights for funding for New York, and his many local responsibilities in Glen Cove, …

Mepham Pirettes win first national championship

The Wellington C. Mepham varsity kickline team won its first national championship in program history on March 8 at the World Disney World Resort in Florida.

Glen Cove EMS ambulances to get daily professional cleanings with Covid-19 killing solution

The Clinical Clean staff will be cleaning Glen Cove EMS ambulances every day. 

Hempstead adds tax-collection sites for May

The Town of Hempstead has set up three drive-through tax-collection booths at points across the town, including one in front of Rock Hall, the stately, two-story 1767 mansion in Lawrence. Supervisor …

County pays tribute to health care ‘heroes’ on National Nurses Day

In honor of National Nurses Day, Nassau County Executive Laura Curran and other county officials paid tribute Wednesday to the healthcare professionals working on the frontlines of the pandemic. …

Nassau to reinstate elective surgeries: county executive

Governor Cuomo has granted Nassau's request to reinstate elective surgeries, County Executive Laura Curran tweeted Tuesday afternoon. Curran had made the request in a letter to the governor …

How to make a mask in four easy steps

Making a mask is simple, using a T-shirt and paper towel or coffee filter. Here's how, in four simple steps.

Long Island Trauma Recovery Network to provide free therapy

The Long Island Trauma Recovery Network will provide free therapy to health care workers, first responders, essential employees, their families, and those whose loved ones are facing or have passed …


New York can learn a lot from South Korea

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is set to open beaches statewide, including Jones Beach, on Friday. It is a moment we have all eagerly awaited, a symbolic gesture signaling . . .


Stay strong, Nassau

Last weekend was cold and windy, which likely prevented many people from venturing outside to potentially crowded spaces like the Jones Beach Boardwalk. For now, that’s a good thing.

Scott Brinton

Why Berniecrats should embrace the public option

My most recent column, “Medicare for all could cost you a bundle,” was published in the March 5-11 issue. So much has transpired since then. For one, the world turned upside down.

Randi Kreiss

What is your mother’s doctor’s license plate number?

We’re all caught in the password paradox: We need passwords that we can remember but that are odd and complex enough not to be memorable. As we get older, this is challenging.

Alfonse D'Amato

America must bring critical production home

If there’s one overarching economic lesson the coronavirus pandemic is teaching us, it’s that the United States has become over-reliant on other nations for critical manufacturing capacity.

Send the Herald your stories, photos of how you're coping with the coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak has vastly altered our daily routines. Parents are at home. Children are at home. College students are at home. All must stay put, we are told, for now. People are making …


Reform higher education with three-year degrees

Amid a global pandemic, colleges nationwide have indefinitely shifted classes online. With students no longer using campus facilities and resources . . .