More support, clinics aid Lawrence football rebound

Lawrence School District football is no stranger to the highs and lows that every athletic program experiences, and that program, which was a powerhouse just a few years ago, has been in decline in recent seasons.

Tom Dunn takes reins at Tilles Center

Wantagh, Seaford and Levittown are strongly linked by school zoning while their residents share common roads, parks and preserves. These communities can now also proudly lay claim to the leading man at the Tilles Center.


Valley Stream church bids farewell to beloved pastor

The full extent of the coronavirus pandemic’s debilitating effects on everything from the industrial supply chain to mental health to school learning is still becoming evident. And for …

Go to the Succos Fair in Cedarhurst Park

A partnership between a pair of Five Towns organizations that illustrates the benefits of change in the community will once again bring the Succos Fair to Andrew J. Parse Cedarhurst Park Oct. 12 and Oct. 13.

Fewer veterans can mean funerals with no chaplains

American Legion ready to tackle membership decline

Legionnaires from numerous Nassau County American Legion posts gathered in Glenwood Landing Post 336’s meeting room on Sept. 29 to discuss declining membership and to exchange financial tips to …


Fairfield Metro living conditions are focus of complaints

Lynn Calcaterra recalls feeling a wave of exhaustion while putting her belongings on the kitchen counter of her Fairfield Metro apartment. She wasn’t feeling well after a breast cancer …


You have just two minutes to escape a fire

This Sunday is the beginning of National Fire Prevention Week, a century-old public health observance created by the National Fire Protection Association . . .


A 54-year-old movie’s warning to Putin

Remember “Planet of the Apes”?

Randi Kreiss

Don’t we all live in the cone of uncertainty?

I was floating in the Gulf of Mexico, in a good way, two weeks ago. We have a place there . . .

Jerry Kremer

One kind of identity politics is no longer a winner

There are all kinds of people who seek public office. Some are former government officials hoping to work their way up the political ladder. Others . . .