Seniors at the A. Holly Patterson facility in Uniondale receive new friend

Seniors at the A. Holly Patterson Extended Care Facility in Uniondale — an extension of Nassau University Medical Center — received a new furry friend on Jan. 13. Except these pets don’t …

Vandalism at the bird sanctuary

Many aren’t aware of the bird sanctuary just off Tremont Place in East Meadow. This area of land, behind Speno Park, has been left to wildlife for more than 25 years. More than 50 species of …

Two East Meadow High School sophomores named leadership ambassadors

Two East Meadow High School sophomores were recently selected to represent their school in an elite national leadership conference. Alissa Mili was chosen as a Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership …

Creating equity for youth, one step at a time

Community leaders from East Meadow and surrounding areas have worked for nearly three years to provide equity and opportunities to underprivileged youth on Long Island. Equity 4 LI Youth has been in …

A milestone birthday for this resident and vet

Italo Charles “Charlie” Franza experienced a milestone birthday on Jan. 5, and on Jan. 7, nearly 50 residents at the Meadows at Mitchell Field — where Franza resides —, along with public …

Emma Vulpi uses birthday money for kids in need

Emma Vulpi was just 7 years old when she made an important decision that would ultimately impact hundreds of local children. During a car ride with her mother, Michele, in 2019, Emma decided what …

Join the East Meadow Fire Department and see what you can do

During the holiday season, while everyone was enjoying family time, a break from work, and some good food, the East Meadow Fire Department rushed to answer a record number of calls. The volunteer …


The 2024 election: 1912 all over again?

'Is there anyone on stage — and can I see hands? — who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican Party . . .'

Randi Kreiss

A.I. is sucking the life out of us

Who am I? Ask Siri. I don’t know where she ends and I begin.


Donating blood benefits others — and you

January is National Blood Donor Month, first established a half-century ago. And it’s a good thing that declaration stuck, because blood is often in short supply, as it is today . . .

Peter King

Pence can persuade America he’s the president it needs

One thing I should have learned from my 28 years in Congress and the 15 years before that in the maelstrom of New York politics and government is that political life is all-consuming — especially at the national level.


Why the heck should health care be affordable?

As election season heats up, we are once again hearing the same worn-out message parroted by Democrats hoping to get elected. You know it: “I support access to quality, affordable health care.”