Audit: East Meadow School District paid too much for overtime

A recent audit of the East Meadow school district by the state comptroller’s office found that the district paid more than $1.1 million in overtime costs to the facilities and operations department …

Learning to be surefire hires

Anyone who has ever interviewed for a job knows just how stressful the process can be, and that’s why for the past 15 years, the East Meadow Chamber of Commerce has been hosting the Millie …

Chamber promotes good online presence

In an ever-changing world, with new technological advances coming out nearly everyday, it’s important for businesses to be in the know on how to best promote their business. Whether its an …

Progressive American Community Empowerment organization helps minority groups, one meet-and-greet at a time

At the Progressive American Community Empowerment organization’s meet-and-greet last week, attendees, organizers and elected officials promoted a sense of togetherness and understanding of other cultures in Nassau County’s diverse communities.

Nassau police: inmate dead after being found unresponsive in Nassau County Jail

A Nassau County Jail inmate that was found unresponsive in his cell on March 1, has been pronounced dead, according to Nassau Police. The 45-year-old man, identified as Ray Digiacomo of Bethpage by Nassau police on March 3, was found in his cell just after midnight. …

EMHS Red Cross Club collects supplies for quake victims

In the wake of the devastating earthquake that ravaged Turkey and Syria, claiming over 40,000 lives, there is a shining light of hope that comes from East Meadow High School, in the form of the Red …

St. Raphael’s Winter Classic draws crowds

The gym at St. Raphael’s Roman Catholic Parish in East Meadow hosted dozens of basketball teams from parishes across Long Island in the 15th annual Winter Classic basketball tournament. The …

Jerry Kremer

A depressing tale of two fibbers

No one has given me a riddle to consider for a long time. But I can think of one. What’s the difference between U.S. Rep. George Santos and Fox News?

Randi Kreiss

The sun shivers and shudders northward

Don’t believe me. Don’t believe the National Weather Service. But come hell or high water (and both are coming!), you better believe the Farmers’ Almanac.


We must keep government transparent

March 12-18 is Sunshine Week. Associations, institutions and organizations connected to journalism will celebrate the initiative to promote open government, which was launched in 2005 . . .

Peter King

My mixed memories of leading the parade

St. Patrick’s “Day” is actually several weeks of events commemorating Irish culture and traditions and Irish-America’s contributions to the American mosaic.


Why the heck should health care be affordable?

As election season heats up, we are once again hearing the same worn-out message parroted by Democrats hoping to get elected. You know it: “I support access to quality, affordable health care.”