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Ask The Pastor


Welcome to a new feature of the East Meadow Herald called “Ask The Pastor.” My name is Anthony Giordano and I am the pastor at Calvary Lutheran Church in East Meadow. Most of you don’t come to my church, so I thought I would bring the church to you!

First, I want to share a little about myself. I am not your average pastor. I am almost 49, which makes me younger than most. I am divorced, which definitely puts me in the minority. I have four children. And I am a “second career minister,” which means I transitioned from another career and am now in full-time ministry.

I was raised Roman Catholic and went to Catholic schools until college. I attended an Episcopal church for about 18 years. I graduated from a Baptist seminary and have now spent the last 8 years of my life in the Lutheran Church.

All of that means that I have a unique perspective on life and I wish to share it with this community. This is a space for us to have a dialogue about life. I believe in honesty and transparency. Let’s talk about what’s going on with you and in the world. Do you have questions about faith? Or politics? Or how the two intersect? I can’t help you with home repairs, but we can talk about raising kids or taxes or how to love our neighbors who bother us. I have questions about all of those topics too!

So let’s talk! My email address is below. Please send your questions or thoughts my way and I will try to respond to them as completely as I can. My family and I are new to East Meadow and we love this community. My hope is that this space becomes a place where we can celebrate how great it is to live in East Meadow! I want to learn from you and I will share what I know. I hope this brings us all a little closer together.

Peace +

Pastor Anthony

Anthony Giordano is the Pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church in East Meadow and President of the East Meadow Clergy Association. He has four amazing children and two cats. If you have a question you'd like to ask Pastor Anthony, you could e-mail him at pastor@calvarylc.org.