Baldwin UFSD 2022-23 budget passes


Election night is over, and the results are in with the Baldwin United Free School District passing their three-part budget focusing on additional programs, capital funds and administrative services. The budget total is $146,984,556, which is $4,531,131 more than the approved budget from 2021-2022 and stays within the 1.98 percent tax cap. Thomas Smyth and Susan Cools, who both ran unopposed on their re-election on the Board of Education, will continue their positions into the next school year.

The passing of the budget will allow for capital reserve funds to be used for projects district-wide such as renovating bathrooms across the district which will be ADA compliant and major changes to high school athletics such as a new track, synthetic turf field, grandstands, press box and scoreboard.

A new feature to the budget is the establishment of a technology reserve fund, allowing for one-on-one personal devices for students, replacing technology quicker as it becomes obsolete, and overall district infrastructure. The establishment of the fund is said to minimize the adverse effects on future budgets over the next ten years.