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Choosing Care for an Aging Loved One: Why the Full Continuum of Healthcare Matters


Choosing a rehabilitation facility or an assisted living community for a loved one can be daunting. Many of the options seem similar, and it’s difficult to know which one would be right for you. One thing you might want to consider, especially when choosing services for an older person, is, “What else?”
What else will your loved one need, as they continue to age, either at home or in a facility? What other services might they require if their health becomes more fragile? What else will you need, as a caregiver and involved family member? When considering “What else?” you should find out: Does the provider you’re considering have any other healthcare services in place to help, either now or in the future?

At Gurwin, we help you handle the “What else?” with ease. Whether you’re going home from short-term rehabilitation and need a little more help, or are in our assisted living community and need services such as dialysis or home care, you can be sure we’ll be able to meet your needs within the Gurwin Family of Healthcare Services. Some of the options available in the Gurwin continuum include:

•A nursing and rehabilitation center, which offers long-term care and short-term rehabilitation, as well as a host of specialty care options, including ventilator and respiratory care, on-site dialysis (available to the local community, as well), memory and advanced care (coming soon).

•An assisted living community, which includes full apartments, engaging activities and delicious meals, as well as access to any other Gurwin service a resident might need, including home care, dialysis, day care or priority admission to the nursing and rehabilitation center for short-term rehabilitation or a transition to long-term care.

•Adult Day Programs, including a medical model providing nursing and rehabilitation services along with meals and social stimulation to members of the community on a daily outpatient basis; and a social model, for those with mild to moderate dementia.

•Home Care Programs, which provide Gurwin-quality care right in your own home, whether that’s in the family home or in an assisted living setting.
The final piece in the Gurwin continuum is soon-to-be-built Fountaingate Gardens, a Life Plan Community scheduled to break ground in early 2019 on the Gurwin campus. Currently taking deposits, the community promises to offer an active, vibrant lifestyle, with the added comfort of knowing that the Gurwin Family of Healthcare Services is available should it be needed.

Opting for the Gurwin continuum helps relieve the stress that “What else?” can bring, giving you peace of mind knowing your loved one’s changing needs will be met. Because once you’re part of the family, we treat you like family.

For more information about the Gurwin Family of Healthcare Services, visit www.gurwin.org.