East Meadow remembers Sept. 11 attacks


Despite the 22 years that have passed since the Sept. 11 attacks, that claimed the lives on nearly 3,000 people, the East Meadow community still mourns — and vows to never forget.

Seven local residents died in the terrorist attacks — four who worked in the World Trade Center, two firefighters and a police officer. Other residents have since died of illnesses they contracted as a result of their work at ground zero in the aftermath of the attacks.

The East Meadow Fire Department hosted its annual remembrance ceremony at Veterans Memorial Park on Prospect Avenue on Monday. There, in 2014, the East Meadow Kiwanis erected a memorial in the southeast corner of the park, featuring a 1,800-pound marble slab, with an etching of the twin towers, and a steal beam from ground zero.

On the marble is a footstone that reads, “In the name of freedom/To those who lost their lives/September 11, 2001,” and bears the seven names: Ann McGovern, Carlos Dominguez, Stephen Mark Fogel, Stephen LeMantia, Claude “Dan” Richards, Daniel Brethel and Thomas Patrick DeAngelis.

Each year, members of the EMFD place a new wreath next to the memorial to honor them.