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EMFD: Congrats Class of 2019


To all of our graduates of the East Meadow High School and W. T. Clarke High School classes of 2019 . . .

The chiefs, officers, and members of the East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department hereby extend our sincere congratulations to each of you for successfully completing your years in our East Meadow School system.

We wish each of you the very best in the career paths you choose to take during this very important timeframe of your lives. Whereas many of your have already established your paths to success, others may still be in the decision phase.

For this reason, we at the EMFD would like to offer one direction you may not have given much thought to as yet. Although your East Meadow Fire Department is an all-volunteer organization, we offer many hidden benefits that can move graduates into an exciting path for the future.

Dozens of members of the EMFD are past graduates of East Meadow or W. T. Clarke high schools. Many have gone on to rewarding careers either in the fire service, emergency medical service or, simply, through the networking or mentorship that occurs within the EMFD family.

Whether you decide to become a member of our Rescue Company (EMS Only), becoming proficient in all phases of pre hospital care or one of our fire companies, where you would learn water flow, virtual fire science, hydraulics, tools and equipment — the knowledge you build can last a lifetime.

Within the East Meadow Volunteer Fire Department you can easily find career firefighters in the FDNY, Nassau and New York City Police Officers, Nassau County Police Medical Technicians, State Troopers, Corrections Officers, Nurses, Fire Service Academy Instructors, Fire Marshals, Fire District Supervisors and nearly any other opportunity of employment that branches off this organization of nearly 200 families.

Many of these individuals made these career choices as a result of their exposure as a member of our organization.

But there's more — as an active member of the East Meadow Fire Department, you are eligible for free college tuition at the Nassau Community College through the Nassau County Firefighters College Tuition Assistance Program.

An incentive program to maintain the volunteer roles of our County's 71 volunteer fire departments, the Nassau County Firefighters College Tuition Assistance Program was developed as a way to recruit and retain volunteers in response to a need identified by our county's volunteer fire departments, and fire department EMS providers.

Developed by the Office of Emergency Management and funded by Nassau County, this innovative program is available for full time and part time students entering Nassau Community College. Volunteers under the scholarship program will be eligible to paid tuition while maintaining their membership as an active member in good standing in one of Nassau County's volunteer fire companies or fire department EMS providers. According to Nassau CountyNY.Gov, there is no limitation as to the academic program the recruit can enter at the Nassau Community College campus. Benefits are County funded and may change at any time.

A student / volunteer must maintain requirements of volunteer activity, training levels and certain academic objectives during their course of study and must commit to a post-education service obligation of one year for each year of scholarship received.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of the East Meadow Fire Department can inquire in the following manner: Call our Chief's Office at 516-542-0580, or visit our website at EastMeadowFD.Com (Click on ‘Join the EMFD’ icon on our home page). From our website you can learn all about each of our seven companies and the work they do on emergencies. You can also fill out our "on line" application.

Wishing each of you a great summer and congrats once more from your East Meadow FD family.

John J. O'Brien is an active Ex Chief of the East Meadow Fire Department. He is the District Supervisor of the Jericho Fire District and has over 40 years of Dispatch and Supervisory experience.