Psychic Night draws a crowd at Borrelli’s


Once a month, the back room of Borrelli’s Italian Restaurant fills with psychics and mediums who set up tarot cards, gem stones and other spiritual tools to help guests seeking advice and guidance or looking to connect with a relative who has passed on.

Psychic Night on Aug. 20 filled the East Meadow restaurant with guests looking to speak to one of the psychics and mediums, all of who work through The psychic agency hosts similar psychic nights at restaurants throughout the area.

“I think people are more open to it now than ever,” said ReJean Ferreri, the founder of ESPConnection and host of the event at Borrelli’s. She added, “They’re looking for answers and guidance and that’s why it’s become so popular.”

Ferreri began doing readings over 20 years ago and eventually joined with fellow psychics to create ESPConnection. “We always get a great turnout and we have so many repeat customers,” she said. “Some want to know something particular, whether it involves a new job or relationship or something else going on in their life. And we have other people who lost someone and are hoping to get a message from them.”

“I like to come with one question in mind,” said Joan Iacoli, who came down from Westchester, New York, to visit her friends and have a girl’s night out at Borrelli’s Italian Restaurant.

Iacoli and her friends frequent psychic events, she said, and this time she went into her appointment looking to ask about her transition from her current career as a pharmacy technician to a new career as a surgical technician. She said that she left her appointment pleasantly surprised and hopeful about her future.

Frank Borrelli doesn’t need to see the future to know that Psychic Night will be a hit. He said that the event usually draws one hundred people throughout the night and several groups come back each time. “It’s always a great night, the people who come always love it,” he said.

Psychic Night is held once a month with the next being on Oct. 15. For more information or to find out more about Borrelli’s other events, visit