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Herald Neighbors

Lynbrook residents help Move the Food for local pantry

Pallets and boxes of food were delivered to people in need thanks to a group of volunteers who participated in the annual Move the Food Day event, which is organized each year by Lynbrook residents Rob and Mary Hallam.

Lynbrook train schedules in 1923 and today

In 1923, typical commuting time from Lynbrook to Pennylvania Station was 31 minutes on the express train.

Lynbrook, East Rockaway schools to receive more in state aid

Lynbrook Public Schools will receive $13.7 million in state aid this year, while East Rockaway will receive $7.8 million.

Lynbrook hosts a Homecoming hoot

A pandemic could not stop Lynbrook High School from celebrating its senior student-athletes. The school hosted a festive and safe homecoming car parade, which was followed by the school’s annual homecoming football game at Marion Street School on April 10.

Lynbrook PTA council leaves its mark one brick at a time

The Lynbrook Council of PTAs is “paving a path” toward a brighter future for all kindergarten through 12th grade students in the community.

Guest Column

Nassau County needs to allocate Covid-19 funds to help community organizations

As part of the recently passed American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, Nassau County will receive almost $400 million to be used for Covid-19 relief. 


Nassau’s budget surplus isn’t good news

Nassau County recently announced that it finished 2020 with a surplus of $75 million (subject to some adjustment, but it’s a reasonable number to work with). Sounds like good news, right? Not so fast.


Racial inequities and the Biden infrastructure plan

President Biden’s proposed $2 trillion infrastructure plan is remarkable for its ambition and breadth and for taking significant steps to address historic racial inequities. The president deserves great credit . . .

Randi Kreiss

The pandemic of 1918 was pushed off the front pages

My husband’s father was 14 and living in New York during the pandemic of 1918, sometimes known as the Spanish flu. He must have had memories of the time; surely he knew people who died in Brooklyn, where he lived.