East Rockaway boy ‘broke down every barrier’ standing in his way

Joe Petraro from East Rockaway graduated high school at 11 years old.

Kaitlyn Benedict breaks 28 year old school record

Kaitlyn Benedict, junior, broke a 28 year old record at Lynbrook High School of most three-pointers scored in a single game.

Spencer Chrein to spend two years in the Peace Corps

Spencer Chrein, Lynbrook resident, was sworn in as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia.

Cruise Nights kickstart a summer of fun in Lynbrook

After Cruise Nights kicked off again on June 13, Lynbrook neighbors can expect more vintage cars, decorating Atlantic Avenue each week, except for July 4, up until August 29.

Local Flag Day essay contest winners honored

Assemblyman Brian Curran hosted his annual Flag Day event to honor the birthday of the American Flag and the students from across the 21st Assembly District who participated in his art/essay contest.


A holiday that we should never take for granted

July Fourth is a holiday that truly deserves to be celebrated by all Americans. The bottom line is that July 4, 1776 began the daring experiment that led to the formation of the greatest nation in the history of the world, which has produced more opportunity and more freedoms for more types of people than ever thought imaginable.


Like President Reagan said, trust but verify

In the course of one week — well before last week’s debate with Donald Trump — Biden had to face multiple false claims about his sanity, made by a political underground that thrives on destroying reputations to help Trump.


This Independence Day, remember what unites us

As a community and as a nation, we have faced great challenges and have always emerged stronger. This resilience lies at the heart of the American spirit. So as we come together this Fourth of July, let’s remember what unites us as Americans, and recommit ourselves to building a more inclusive, tolerant and understanding society.


New Yorkers deserve better than Alvin Bragg

There’s plenty of hateful ignorance in the world, and it certainly feels like we’ve been treated to a boatload of it the last few months. Although it will ruffle some feathers, we shouldn’t be afraid to call it out. How else will reasonable people — on any side of an issue — recognize one another and agree on what’s unacceptable? Drawing attention to a problem is always the first step in correcting it.


Only our police officers should be doing police work

Although I have been involved with many aspects of the criminal justice system during my legal career as a Queens County assistant district attorney and as a private practitioner, the academy was an eye-opening and enlightening experience that I believe would give any Nassau resident vital insights into the daily activities of our law enforcement professionals.