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Animals spotted in East Rockaway!

Centre Avenue students dress up for Kerulos Center


Centre Avenue Elementary Animal Walk-A-Thon held on Friday May 28.  The students, and staff dressed as  varoius animals and walked around the school yard to demonstrate their support for the Kerulos Center. The center was first established for the conservation of abused elephants.

The walk-a-thon is the last event in an animal learning program at the school. The second-graders have created reports, art, graphs, maps, and poetry as they researched the lives of bears. They have also corresponded with Kerulos faculty member Charlie Russell, a bear expert.

Students in the third grade read about a variety of owls and created their first research paper in the library. Kerulos introduced the students to Denise Kelly, of the Avian Welfare Coalition, who will be visiting the school in May to discuss her work helping parrots and other birds all over the world who are endangered and are held captive by the millions.

As part of their commitment to help animals in need, the Grade six students, in partnership with the Kerulos Center, adopted an orphaned elephant through the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, located outside Nairobi, Kenya. The children are learning about the plight of elephants in zoos, circuses, and wildlife parks. Via Skype, they will speak to Kerulos Executive Director Dr. Gay Bradshaw about her work with elephants and how the Kerulos Center advocates for returning wild animals back into the wild.

For more information,contact Lorraine Donlon, (516) 887-8300 ext. 224, or ldonlon@eastrockaway, or The Kerulos Center at (541) 899-1070.