Meet the East Rockaway High School valedictorian


Jordan Lu was this year’s valedictorian from East Rockaway High School’s class of 2024.

Valedictorian is the academic title conferred upon the highest ranked student in each graduating class based upon grade point average. Lu displayed huge academic achievement in his class, which contributed to him receiving a high GPA throughout high school. This eventually led to him receiving the valedictorian status, which he learned about in February.

“When I found out that I was valedictorian, I was surprised, shocked, and very happy,” Lu, valedictorian of the East Rockaway High School class of 2024, said.

Lu, valedictorian, has exhibited a thirst for knowledge, ambitious nature, and commitment to the school community since his first day of high school. As a scholar, Lu has consistently ranked at the top of his class, excelling in AP and dual enrollment courses and being honored as an AP Scholar with Honors during his senior year. This unwavering dedication to his academic pursuits even extends outside the traditional school day, as Lu elected to start his mornings taking an AP Italian course that wouldn’t fit into his demanding schedule.

“I wouldn’t worry about how other people are doing grade wise,” Lu said when asked what advice he’d give to other students that want to become the top of their class. “I would just focus on yourself and really just push yourself.”

In addition to his academic achievements, Lu has proven himself to be an invaluable member of the school community, taking on numerous extracurricular activities. He has been part of the National Honor Society since sophomore year, serving two years as treasurer until assuming the role of president for his senior year. Lu has also served as class treasurer for all four years of high school, was an active member of the Key Club, and ran the lighting booth during Rock Rivalry.

“I’d say a lot of time management,” Lu said when asked what contributed to him receiving this status. “A lot of self-awareness of what needs to be done and what should be done.”

Lu said he stayed committed to education and worked hard over the course of the last four years.

Lu’s commitment to these extracurricular activities further underscores his dedication to leadership and enhancing the school community. Lu said he looks forward to attending Harvard University after graduation to continue his passion for computer science.