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East Rockaway School District's $41.2M budget approved by voters


Voters approved the East Rockaway School District's $41.2 million budget for 2020-21 on Tuesday. The spending plan garnered 956 "yes" votes and 483 "no" votes.

The budget will enhance security, provide upgrades and improvements to each building, fund the creation of 16 new clubs and provide students with new courses, such as robotics and computer science classes, and STEM courses for elementary students. It will also add new personnel, such as math specialists, an English Language Arts specialist and district wide social worker support.

Voters  also approved Proposition 2, which enables the district to use technology reserves to cover expenditures, 1,042 "yes" votes to 302 "no" votes.

Support was also shown for incoming Board of Education Trustees Daniel DeMatteo and Joe Kilgus, who ran uncontested. DeMatteo netted 1,098 votes, and Kilgus had 1,052.